This is our blog about six months of freedom – the joy, fun, tears and tantrums of six months travelling this beautiful country in a campervan with two five year olds, pretty sure there will be some stories to tell about that! Our story is in the about section and this will be our record of a time of homeless drifting and hopefully some great adventures (and not too many tantrums….)

Meet the Inns family:

Craig Inns – Husband – organised, competent, efficient and goal focussed – current job mobilising his entire family, house and life to depart on a six month sojourn around Australia, not sure that he’s loving it yet.

Alright it's an old photo but the wifes favourite!

Alright it’s an old photo but the wifes favourite!

Michelle Inns – Wife – not so organised, juggling work with mother guilt, amazed by husbands transformation of our car and camper and although excited somewhat nervous about such close quarters with her nearest and dearest for six whole months.


Wife, worker, mother


Layla Inns – First Born Daughter – just, one minute before her sister – lovely, eloquent, bossy, opinionated and eager to please, also doesn’t want to leave school to go on this trip (!!) and has decided to grow up and become a teacher since starting school two weeks ago.


Miss bossy boots

Sophia Inns – Second Born Daughter – not impressed about being the little sister even if it is only one minute – sweet, loving and a free spirit she wants to be a vet for the RSPCA one day and voted the most likely to take to our new hedonistic lifestyle with gusto.

The free spirit

The free spirit

5 thoughts on “About

    • Hello there mitey smitey! Yes you do have some catching up – have fun with that 🙂 The girls are having a ball now they gotten used to the idea that we won’t be home any time soon – pleased to say they can entertain themselves anywhere, any time and in any environment now – hope you enjoy a glimpse of Australia!

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