Hopetoun was a little footnote on our journey across the bottom of WA, where we free-camped for a couple of nights just of the town at 12 mile beach and built fires each night and played on what was almost our own private beach. We did venture into the sleepy little town of Hopetoun for coffee and phone/internet connection however the weather was behaving for us so we mostly played in our own front yard.


Dancing Queens


Just us for miles – 12 miles actually as this is 12 mile beach!


Other direction – still nothing – random child though, who does she belong to?!


No more fishing – time for a beer


Layla decided to take a nap in Hopetoun itself (or at least pretend)


One thought on “Hopetoun

  1. Hi guys…We loved the beaches at Hopetoun too for just being so remote and deserted. Infact WA camping is going to blow your mind! Heaps of firewood, blue skies, and the colour of the water is amazing. Cape Arid, Cape Le Grand and the Fitzgerald River NP in that southern WA region are also amazing. Enjoy! We are soooo jealous. Cate loves the photos and videos girls!
    Suz, Geoff, Cate and the boys!

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