Museum of Old and New Art


We had heard a lot about MONA since arriving in Tassie – mostly the gossip about how the founder had Aspergers, made his fortune counting cards, runs his art gallery as a mini dictator and how some of the exhibits were a bit too “anatomically confronting” for the four year olds ! The picture of his car space at the gallery may say it all:


None of this prepared me for what an amazing experience this gallery turned out to be. From its beautiful setting on the water with green lawns dotted with pink bean bags and hand shaped stools to the solid sandstone walls of the underground gallery levels filled with beautiful, thought evoking, unique, shocking and sometimes grotesque art work – I loved it all.





It was also entertaining watching my families reactions to this incredible place! Predictably the husband was not amused and spent most of his time impatiently waiting at the exit to each area. The girls were fascinated by the iPod tour devices and head phones and I predicted endless frustration with guiding them through menus (and boredom once they realised there were no apps)



I should know better than to outguess the short people though – my little free spirit soon worked out the guided tour system and was proudly showing me each piece of art she located on the iPod and (loudly) informing me how she was learning all about them. Maybe an artistic soul in this one – showing no sign of boredom she wanted to peruse each exhibit and revel in it.


As for the other little blossom – she takes after the husband and although happy to play with the iPod and spend time in the TV room with a bunch of peeps singing Madonna songs (I kid you not!) that was the extent of her interest and was soon making noises about lunch.

Highlight of the day for those less artistically inclined family members was then lolling about on the lawns on above mentioned pink bean bags, playing hide and seek with the kids of a lovely Dutch family, drinking wine and enjoying the afternoon sunshine – life is good ….



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