Hobart and the Busted Camper

Well it had to happen eventually – the big trip disaster – but at least we got it out of the way in a capital city instead of the middle of nowhere!

It was a relief to all of us arriving in Hobart in the sunshine, stocked up on fresh rasberries straight from the farm (more food blogging). We gleefully setup on a dry concrete and grass site, swept all the mud out of the camper from Lake Sinclair and basked in the remaining sunshine before feeding the kids and plonking them in bed early for a book.  As I was lolling about on the kids bed reading a riveting Mr Men book (I think it was Mr Topsy Turvy) it registered that the husband was being a little over-active around the camper for that time of night, but figured it was just typical man-behavior – fiddling with the camping setup the entire time purely for the sport of it.

After climbing out of the kids bed and issuing the usual threats about going to sleep (which are always blatantly ignored) I was instructed to go outside and turn the crank handle so the camper door could be adjusted as this was apparently causing the kerfuffle. This of course made me feel illogically guilty about what happened next – after a quarter of turn the end of the camper closest to me totally collapsed down.  Although startled the girls were safe down their end, the supports bent making it impossible for that end to collapse and we passed them out through the velcro side along with all other belongings required to survive outside of the camper.


So after half a day of being setup we were once again packing up – in the dark, with two confused short people sitting in the vehicle in their jammies, wrapped up in a blanket watching a DVD while various men folk strolled over to survey the damage, offer assistance or just be entertained by the spectacle!

We are incredibly lucky no-one was hurt and it happened in Hobart – we were planning on an extended stay here, there was a cabin adjacent to the van site we could move straight into, the next day a tow truck turned up courtesy of RACQ membership and the gentleman who runs Kings Caravan’s is now our hero after coming in on his Easter break to install our broken van in their shed. Hopefully thats it for bad luck if it really does come in threes – bogged in Brisbane, broken iPhone (that may have been me dropping it out of the camper van door but there is no proof) and now the big mishap.


So now it’s a matter of waiting for the insurance company to do it’s thing – and truth be told I may be enjoying the cabin with its heating, bathroom and television just a little too much, wonder how long I can drag this claim out for??!

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