Lake Sinclair

On our way to Hobart Lake Sinclair seemed like the perfect spot to break the trip – finishing point for intrepid hikers tackling the overland track (definitely not us!) with a stunning visitor centre, multiple hiking trails around the Lake and the potential to see platypus and wallabies – however neither of which made an appearance!



The camping spot was beautiful, under stands of gum trees that provided a fair amount of shelter from the pelting rain that seemed determined to follow us from the West Coast but didn’t do much to help with the overnight temperature of zero. No denying it was cold but the Mountain Design sleeping bags lived up to their temperature ratings, the kids managed to stay in their bags and not get lost down the bottom of them in the middle of the night and I just absolutely refused to go out for overnight toilet runs – this became somewhat of a national emergency by 7am but at least I didn’t have to leave my little burrow of warmth!

It’s funny how when you are away and playing tourist you will go outdoors on days that would normally see you hiding out under the doona – so despite drizzle and grey skies we loaded up the backpacks, briefed the short people on what ‘hiking’ is and set out – bright pink rain jackets pretty much assuring we weren’t going to lose anyone in the bush. Heading off whinging with games of I Spy and making a science lesson of photographing native plants we made the full two hour hike with only 20 minutes of piggy backing so overall it was counted a success. Brought home how different life is after having kids – the piggy back section felt like the only exercise portion of the hike and we had to avoid any long or steep trails – not because of muscle fatigue but ear damage from all the complaining…




It was a shame about the cold and rain here, it was so beautiful despite the weather but after a couple of nights we were feeling way too soggy and miserable to pretend it was fun anymore and headed for Hobart!

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