Side Note – Strahan!

Not sure how I almost forgot to write about our side trip to Strahan – this is usually a ‘must do’ tourist activity on the West Coast, situated on the Macquarie Harbor you can take boat cruises or a scenic train trip from Queenstown to Strahan.  To our shame we didn’t get around to either of these activities, partly because we had the pull of family keeping us around the Queenstown area and partly because of the exorbitant cost of taking the entire family on either.  There is also a rather funny rivalry going on between Queenstown and Strahan, obviously the latter receives the bulk of the tourist attention and so the Queenstown locals like to refer to Strahan as their ‘toilet’ thanks to the mining tailings that used to be sent down the Queen River into the King River- and on to Macquarie  Harbour!

However this pint sized tourist town on the harbour was picturesque and well worth a short drive to have lunch on the harbour, take a stroll the rainforest to a tiny waterfall and browse the Huon Pine centre to be amazed by huge lumps of timber polished to within an inch of their life and fashioned into everything from rocking horses to coffee tables.  Unfortunately none of these would fit in the campervan (I was up for trying!)


Macquarie Harbour

Harbour Again

Harbour Again

Bustling Main Street

Bustling Main Street

Seven Mile Beach

Ocean Beach

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