Wild West Coast

There is nothing cheerier than locals telling you how beautiful the weather was right before you arrived (sounds like Melbourne all over again!) Regardless of the driving rain and wind on the West Coast, staying in a campervan with your husband and two five year olds all day is certainly not an option! Not that we ever thought it would be, but this theory was proven once and for all after breaking the ‘no yelling at the kids in caravan parks’ rule and coming perilously close to breaking the no alcohol before lunch time rule.

So on with the winter woolies and out into the wild, blustery conditions that seem to suit this side of the Tasmanian Isle. Our little beachcombers had a wonderful time on the sweeping beautiful beaches here, Green Point near Marrawah is our favourite so far, gorgeous spot to hunt shells, poke around in rock pools and photograph the view.



To make absolutely certain that the camper van antics were under control we then made our two four year olds climb 152 metres of near vertical cliff at “The Nut” in Stanley, a huge rock sitting at the top of the hill dominating this cute little town. The first stage is extremely steep, Layla amused all the other tourists by practically lying down on the path as she made her way up! Despite many jokes about how “they won’t be talking like that by the top” the talkative twosome did reach the summit and were still barely pausing for breath during the running commentary – so much for wearing them out! After a lengthy discussion of how gravity works and why running back down a vertical slope is a really bad idea we returned intact to the bottom of The Nut and headed home for that glass of wine I’d been thinking about at 10am that morning…


Moving onto Queenstown next to catch up with relatives and wait for the rain to abate so we can explore Strahan and the remainder of the West Coast before heading to Hobart and hopefully sunnier weather!

2 thoughts on “Wild West Coast

  1. Awesome photos! Sounds like the girls are having a fantastic time…especially in their stylish winter woolies. It’s amazing what they will do when the only other option is sitting inside a campervan! The Wards

    • We had to coerce them a bit on the two hour hike Suz but they made it! I’m constantly being asked to send Cate photos but I’ve drawn the line at sending flower photos 🙂

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