Hello Tasmania

Arrived in Devonport to driving rain and wind – somehow having five weeks ahead of us meant there was no dampening of spirits !! Only a short hop to our first camp spot in Stanley so we hit the information centres and picked up local produce – this could morph into a food blog if I’m not careful. Not convinced that organically grown, permaculture tomatoes were meant to be used for Red Nose Day though!!

Despite the wild weather our first stop in Stanley is an amazing spot, camped in a park but right on the beach front, looking forward to exploring in better weather tomorrow.


Luckily for me I appear to have become more useful during the camper setup – or maybe the husbands directions have improved – either way all went smoothly and having made beef and Guinness stew in the Thermomix for dinner for now it’s domestic bliss in camp Inns 🙂



Bon Voyage

Melbourne really turned on the weather the day we left, Port of Melbourne glowing in the late afternoon sun and the bay full of sail boats lazily traversing the water.


Such a tranquil spot but dominated by the massive Spirit of Tasmania! I think my daughters comment that “it’s bigger than my head” was the understatement of the decade!! I know the husband type would happily regale me with the theory of fluid dynamics (or something) and how this beast actually floats but it still seems to defy the laws of nature.><br /20130321-110608.jpg
There was much excitement about boarding the behemoth of a boat, from the multitude of cars in the parking deck to our pint sized cabin the girls loved it all (adults may have too truth be told!)

We received one very good piece of advice about the crossing – do it at night. Sleeping away eleven hours across Bass Strait was definitely the best option after watching the lights over the Bay slip away.


Our concern over sea sickness turned out to be unfounded – although I discovered that taking two Kwells (sea sickness tablets) with a glass of wine produces dizziness, loss of balance and a feeling of inebriation – who knew??!! So staying up wasn’t really an option anyway – count myself lucky not to have rolled out of the top bunk though, woke up at 2am to put a short person back in their bunk and there was a definite rock and roll motion going on!