Hello Victoria

After the very long slog driving from Brisbane to Melbourne (‘are we there yet’ on repeat) we arrived in Victoria to driving rain – and all the locals exclaiming about how wonderful the weather had been until now – I think they were making that up so we didn’t leave straight away! At least we now have definitive proof that the car and camper setup is totally waterproof while mobile, which is a very good thing when all your warm clothes are in the storage bag on the roof of the Prado and the temperature plunges to 14 degrees five minutes after the rain starts.

We have taken refuge with my dad and favourite step-mum in Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula for a few nights, last interlude before we commence the camping phase so we are making the absolute most of having a real bed, bathroom inside and washing machine on demand – oh and seeing family of course! Luckily for us the rain has cleared, the sun is out and the view out to the bay is spectacular . Staying here always involves catching up with our loud, boisterous, fabulous extended family, much consumption of wine, good cooking (usually by my dad and husband), game playing and general hilarity. The banter between my German father on his fourth marriage and my Pommy stepmother who counters all conflict with wit and humour is better than watching television, seeing as everyone tells me I married my father I’m thinking I could learn a thing or two here, might start taking notes!!

Hoping to get a few photographs of this beautiful part of Victoria while the sun is shining as I love the Mornington Peninsula, in the mean time here is the view from the back deck of our family’s home and Sophia practicing to be a vet for the RSPCA with poor unsuspecting Missy the dalmation!




Next instalment should be embarking on the Spirit of Tassie, getting a little nervous about the sea-sickness aspect, apparently they recommend everyone take tablets before they board just in case – and predictions for Wednesday is swell up to 2 metres, surely that is just a ripple in the pond for the Spirit – right??!!

4 thoughts on “Hello Victoria

  1. good luck! Great to see you are on the road! we left Melbourne yesterday and went from 12degrees to 32degrees in Darwin! I can’t wait to hear how Tassie is…X

  2. My opinion, from experience is YES – take the tablets!!!! It is too late once the seasickness sets in – the tablets might make everyone a bit drowsy but that is better than everyone feeling awful. Hope the trip goes well and isn’t too bumpy! Good Luck!

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