Lake Cathie

First stop on the Pacific Highway (well actually just off the Highway) turned out to be a hidden gem – like a lot of the NSW coast I guess.

Lake Cathie was a cute little beach community situated between lakes, inlets and surf beach. The luxury of playing tag on the beach at sunset followed by a dusk dip in the pool has finally made it sink in that we are really, truly free for six whole months.

Back on Route 1 today, travel notes to self –

* Track down whoever invented seat back DVD players (complete with head phones) and kiss them.

* As convenient as it is – no more en-route McDonalds breakfasts, cant afford any more tonnage on the ferry to Tassie!!

* Enjoy relaxing in the passenger seat during this honeymoon time when the husband still can’t quite bring himself to let me drive with the camper on 🙂




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