The Muddy Coffee Run

Apparently nothing goes to plan on these trips but we certainly didn’t expect to get bogged going for coffee before we left Brisbane!! Now a certain member of this family will tell you this never happened – because there is no photographic evidence (wish I had thought to grab that shot!!) So you can choose to treat this post as fact or fiction, but I was there…

Having said final goodbyes and driven away feeling that the adventure was actually beginning we made it about 1/2 hour down the road before passing a Zarraffas coffee and deciding that caffeine was required to make it through the day.

This required a detour down a side road to turn around and back track – also entailed going off the road onto the verge, not something you think twice about in a Toyota Prado that’s lifted, fitted with diff locks and huge tires – right ? You would be wrong I’m afraid !!

Now a combination of things went wrong here all at once – we were still in ‘town’ mode so no 4WD tricks were in operation, Brisbane has had enough rain lately to warrant building an ark and we were actually in a drainage ditch filled with the stickiest mud a pig could ever fantasize about.

So there we were, still in greater Brisbane, half an hour from home and firmly bogged !! I’m not sure the language being used is suitable for a family blog site and if it was me I would have been still hysterically waiting for rescue but to Craig’s credit he calmly let air out of all the tyres, engaged the lockers and slid us out of the ditch – car and camper liberally coated in mud. Must have looked like we had been doing some hard core off road action to everyone at the car wash (if only they knew).

When we said let the adventures begin not sure that’s what we had in mind but in retrospect it was a pretty funny way to launch the trip – although Craig may deny everything without that photo dammit!!!

14 thoughts on “The Muddy Coffee Run

  1. Lol. My husband would read this and promptly say……….. This is why Chantelle I told you we weren’t getting a Prado and bought a Patrol instead. Lol

      • Just taking the mickey out of you. I would have been happy with a Prado but am happy with the truck we have. Just to clarify. Your only bogged when you need to be recovered out of there. So good job on getting yourselves out.

    • It’s only funny because we weren’t in the middle of nowhere and we actually made it out Al – I doubt I would have been allowed to blog it if we had to be rescued!!!

  2. Military men or ex military men, we never like to say we’ve been bogged, just using the right techniquest to do self recovery ?????? Mr D

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