Pain of Packing

Moving house is one of the least fun things about organizing a trip around Australia, luckily for me the husband type member of the family has done most of it – I voted for a moving company but apparently he’s cheaper by far. Will miss the beautiful location of our Queenslander rental by the park.

So now almost all our earthly possessions have been stacked into a 12×3 Metre storage shed for the next six months – minus the incredibly large pile of things we absolutely can’t live without. I’m not great at visualizing mass and dimensions (yes there is a joke in that one) but even I’m admitting some of it may need to be recategorised as non-essential to support life. The camper and car are still going to be one great game of Tetris however ….

After approximately 30 moves over my life time I think next time I’ll become a Buddhist and go live on a mountain with no earthly possessions, never to have to move house again…


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